50/50 Club


The objective of the 50/50 Club is to raise funds for the upkeep of the Village Hall.

Each member pays £12 for an annual subscription.

50% of the subscription money is used to fund the monthly prize draws, and 50% goes to Village Hall funds.

Winners are announced via the Memo, and also via this website.

If you would like to support the Village Hall via the 50/50 Club, please contact Caroline Richardson on 01768 88274 or carolinemrichardson@hotmail.co.uk

The first draw of each season takes place in the first weekend in April.

April 2019 - March 2020




1st Kianna Tiffin

2nd Esha Holloway

3rd  Evey Littlewood

4th   Cath Morton

5th  Sue Rigg


1st Linda Brunskill

2nd Amber Littlewood

3rd  Pat Forbes

4th   Carol Bentham

5th  Timothy Fleming


1st Ciaran Bach

2nd Giles & Rebecca Sharp

3rd  Jill Stamper

4th   Jan Barnes

5th  Ray Coates

April 2019 - March 2020


1st Ren Trussler

2nd Andrew Clay

3rd  Barbara Blenkinship

4th   Cath Morton

5th  Roy Firth


1st Adam Purdham

2nd Sian Bach

3rd  Greg Forbes

4th   Rob Hammond

5th  Bill Dodd


1st Ena Ellwood

2nd Talib Yaseen

3rd  Elizabeth Sharp

4th   Sally Firth

5th  Eddie Connor


1st Jane Porter

2nd Andrew Laker

3rd  Barbara Blenkinship

4th   Beth Morton

5th  Luke Walsh


1st Richard Littlewood

2nd Cathy Bach

3rd  Amy Morton

4th   Matthew Sharp

5th  Becky Wales



1st Barrie Blenkinship

2nd Gudrun Ravetz

3rd  Michaela Vickers

4th   Abigail Ridley

5th  Ian Howes


1st Alan Stones

2nd Daniel Sharp

3rd  Georgina Bentham

4th   Brian Purdham

5th  Rebecca Helm


1st Gillian Hinkley

2nd James Sharp

3rd  Gordon Braithwaite

4th   Vi Trevaskis

5th  Mike & Jean Salter

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