50/50 Club


The objective of the 50/50 Club is to raise funds for the upkeep of the Village Hall.

Each member pays £12 for an annual subscription.

50% of the subscription money is used to fund the monthly prize draws, and 50% goes to Village Hall funds.

Winners are announced via the Memo, and also via this website.

If you would like to support the Village Hall via the 50/50 Club, please contact Caroline Richardson on 01768 88274 or carolinemrichardson@hotmail.co.uk

The first draw of each season takes place in the first weekend in April.

April 2018 - March 2019


1st Joshua Holloway

2nd Naomi & Danielle Purdham

3rd  Raymond Graham

4th   Harry Fleming

5th  Angela Hartland


1st Leilani Tiffin

2nd Rebecca Payn

3rd  Hazel Thompson

4th   Grace Fleming

5th  Sian Bach


1st Carol Ellwood

2nd Gail Williamson

3rd  Andrew Morton

4th   Daniel Sharp

5th  Jill Stamper


1st Rebecca Ellwood

2nd Paul Rigg

3rd  Hilary Wilcock

4th   Ellie Morton

5th  Duncan Dobson

April 2018 - March 2019


1st Robert & Jennifer Ridley

2nd Bob Porter

3rd  Jill Stamper

4th   Ethel Hodgson

5th  Philip Helm



1st Emma Fleming

2nd Jason Bach 

3rd  Dave Hartland 

4th   Louise Laker 

5th  Peter Ellwood 


1st Jayne Salt 

2nd Kerry Hammond 

3rd  Joan Thistlewood

4th   Clare & Mark Stewart 

5th  Peter Brunskill 


1st Stephen Wales 

2nd John Fleming 

3rd  Jake Ridley 

4th   Lee Graham 

5th  Cliff Hinkley

April 2018 - March 2019


1st Barbara Blenkinship 

2nd Norma Wood 

3rd  Eddie Connor 

4th   Leo Littlewood 

5th  Becky Foster 



1st Judith Purdham 

2nd Andrew Morton 

3rd  Christine Taylor 

4th   Vera Stockdale 

5th  Barrie Blenkinship 


1st Gordon Braithwaite 

2nd Ben Bentham 

3rd  Marjorie Helm 

4th   Sebastian Knight 

5th  Carole Clay 


1st Amanda Coates 

2nd Gary Trevaskis 

3rd  John Ellwood 

4th   Vera Trussler 

5th  Sue Littlewood