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Here is some useful advice from the Parish Council regarding the Coronavirus.

Culgaith Parish Council

Emergency Planning

Covid – 19 Procedures


In the current very serious situation please can I request that Parishioners action the Councils policy in respect of Vulnerable Groups within our community namely: -


Identification of Vulnerable Groups within the Community

Namely:- The elderly and frail, those  pregnant and or with very young infants, the infirmed or those with special needs.


Action :-   Parish Councillors are asked to make themselves aware of all such persons in their immediate locality and to alert the emergency services and other appropriate bodies  in the event of an emergency.  It shall be policy to encourage a ‘Good Neighbour’ attitude at all times.


In addition, specific to the current situation, it is important that such persons ‘self -isolate’ as much as possible.  This then, primarily leads to the issues of the purchase and delivery of essential supplies, groceries and provisions and the collection of medical prescriptions.


Please can I ask that you make contact with any such persons you know, who may need assistance, and take whatever action you consider appropriate in the circumstances.  It may involve organising on-line shopping and prescription deliveries for them.


With the situation likely to last for many months the issue of loneliness needs to be addressed.  Frequent, reassuring chats on the phone could be considered or a bio-secure visit.


Bio-Security Issues


When helping the vulnerable in the community it is vital that sensible bio-security procedures are followed.

One of the key sources of risk to the vulnerable, who are ‘self-isolating’ are friends and relatives visiting.

It is important to remember the basics, which we are all now familiar with.


  • Keep 2m or 3 paces way from another person, at all times.


  • Wash your hands (or sanitized wipes) when entering and leaving a person’s home and repeat again when you return to your home.


  • Never come into contact with anybody if you have a new cough, are sneezing or possibly have a temperature or have recently been in contact with another person who has.


The contact for Public Heath England for up to date information is available on: -


If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact either Caroline Richardson, Chair on 01768 88274  or myself,  John Fleming, Parish Clerk  07768 468 634


Caroline Richardson


Culgaith Parish Council.


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