Photo Competition 2016 - Cumbria In Winter

Getting To Kirkland Tricky


First Place - 40 points

Getting to Kirkland - Tricky

By Louise Laker




Second Place - 26 points

Great Dunfell

By Barrie Blenkinship


Great Dunfell
The Frozen Lake



Third Place - 16 points

The Frozen Lake

By Jasmine Laker



4th Place - 14 points

Iced Tree

By Louise Laker

Iced Tree
White, White, White



5th Place - 13 points

White, White, White

By Harvey Laker 



6th Place - 12 points

I Can See You Santa

By Alan Stones 

I can see you santa
Hoar frost



7th Place - 10 points

Hoar Frost

By Alan Stones 



8th Place - 9 points

Geometric Frost

By Bob Porter 

Post desmond copy



9th Place - 8 points

Post Desmond

By Barrie Blenkinship 



10th Place - 8 points

From The Village Hall i

By Alan Stones 

From the village hall i


Some of the other entries:


When Is A Shelter Not A Shelter?  -  Bob Porter


Blencathra In Sun  -  Bob Porter


Lost On Crossfell?  -  Bob Porter


View Across The Mist  -  Bob Porter

From the village hall ii

From The Village Hall ii  -  Alan Stones


Sunburst  -  Bob Porter


Is It A Yeti?  -  Bob Porter


Snowfield  -  Bob Porter


Other entries that we do not have electronic versions of:


Reflections - Culgaith Tarn by Fiona Jack

A Corner Of Kirkland &
Boys In Blue by Duncan Dobson