Trades and/or Suppliers recommended by residents

Michael Jennings - 01768 881799 -
"Very amenable. If you have an electrical issue that requires a solution, Michael will come and discuss the options, agree on a plan of action, then give you a quote.
Provides good quality work, at reasonable rates."

Chimney Sweep
Chris The Sweep - 01697 320717 - -
"We had some specific issues with our chimneys, and it took a lot of searching before we found Chris.
He fixed our problems at a very reasonable price, and we have continued to use his services regularly since.
Leaves the house clean and tidy too.
Following our recommendations, there are now many households in the area using Chris.
He does have to travel from Wigton, so we coordinate our requirements, and he sweeps all our "locals" on the same day."
If you would like to join in, please contact Bob Porter at 



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