Sainsburys 25 March 2020 - 1

Thank you for bearing with us.

As you know, over the last few days we have been focusing our efforts on giving our elderly and vulnerable customers access to online delivery slots. Our Careline is working flat out to give these customers priority access to delivery slots. There is far more demand for these slots than our Careline team is able to process and we are doing our best to allocate as many slots to vulnerable customers as we can every day.

While we process the high volume of calls, we have some slots available that we are not able to give to these customers. In the short term we are now offering spare slots to Delivery Pass customers. Thank you for your patience as we work through the unprecedented level of demand for online deliveries.

You can now log on as normal to book a slot. Please bear in mind that you'll be able to make a maximum of one order between now and Monday 30 March.

Book a delivery

Please keep trying

If you can't get a slot straight away, please keep trying. We'll continue to make slots available where we can.

We're hoping to make more slots available in future weeks, but we may need to review this in order to continue to support more vulnerable customers in the community. We hope you understand.

Working together

This week we'll receive the government database which tells us everyone in the UK who the government considers to be vulnerable. Where these people are registered with us, we'll start to write to them next week to offer a delivery slot.

Home delivery is a very small part of the grocery market and we would ask communities to work together on this issue. If you're able to go into store to shop, we would be grateful if you could also think about shopping for someone locally who might be struggling to do their own shopping.

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