Blencarn to Kirkland via Kirkland Beck - 3.6km

From the village hall proceed downhill through the village until reaching a junction with a right turn signposted to Kirkland.  Take this turn and follow the road over Blencarn Beck.  As the road bends to the right there is footpath up a bank to the left, signposted to Skirwith.  Take this footpath and follow it up a stony, and usually very muddy, track.  At the top, go through a 7-bar metal gate, and follow the footpath sign across the end of the field to a wooden stile.

You will now cross another 8 fields until reaching the edge of Broats Farm.

Cross field 1 following the line of trees to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 2 to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 3 to a stone stile.

Straight across field 4 to a wooden stile.

Straight across the larger 5th field you will see two larger trees.  Between these there is a wooden stile to cross.

Straight across field 6, following a line of trees to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 7 to a stone stile in the wall.

Take a slight diagonal to the left across field 8 to a ladder stile with a footpath sign on the adjoining gatepost.

After crossing this ladder stile into field 9, immediately turn right, and walk alongside the stone wall to the right.

When the stone wall turns right, there is a footpath sign also pointing right, and you should make this turn.  Still keeping the wall on your right, go uphill, then steeply downhill to the footbridge crossing a small beck.

After crossing the beck, go through the gate into a marshy area.  Take the faint footpath leading away from the gate through the marshy area until you reach the trees, where you will also find Kirkland Beck.  Walk to the right, keeping the beck and fence on your left.

Shortly the beck and the fence take a curve to the left.   At ths point you can see the ground sloping up in front of you.  Aim for a large boulder at the foot of this slope.  Follow the same line past the boulder, to the top of the small hill.  Once at the top, you will see a stone wall crossing in front of you.  Aim for the left end of this wall, where you will cross a wooden stile with a footpath sign.

Cross the field, keeping the marshy area to your left.  When the marshy area disappears, you will find a footpath leading along the bank of the beck.  Follow this to a wooden stile.

Cross this field keeping the beck on your left. (Do not cross the beck here, despite the direction of the arrow on the footpath sign).

Follow the beck until you find a wooden footbridge.  Cross the footbridge and then immediately go through the stone stile in the wall. 

Go straight across this field, heading for a stile in the wall which is just to the left of the water trough.  Cross this wooden stile, then immediately turn right through a gap in the wall and onto the road.

Turn right and follow the road until reaching St. Lawrence’s Church on the left.

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