Blenkarn to Kirkland via The Rigg - 3.55km

From the village hall proceed uphill through the village until you reach the gate at the end of the road.  Through the gate, turn left and follow the rough tractor track towards the mile long strip of moorland which leads to the Fell.

On the Ordnance Survey map this is named Cringle Moor but is known locally as The Rigg which is a blaze of yellow flowering gorse in the spring. Cross Fell is now directly ahead buttressed by Wild Boar Scar and the low ridges of Grumply Hill and Moray Hill.

Where the track forks, keep to the left, following the lower route. In a short distance the track is bisected by a stream which can be crossed using stepping stones to the right of the track.  Alternatively, about 20 yards before the stream you will see a gap in the gorse to the right of the track which leads to an old sandstone slab bridge.

The stream is actually Blencarn Beck whose flow was augmented by water from the distant Crowdundle Beck to power the former Corn Mill below the village.

From the bridge turn left to rejoin the track, continue on this until it turns right towards a gate into field with a big green barn. The route ahead follows a more indistinct path which soon drops down to a wet area. The water is shallow and can be crossed with care.

With the water negotiated bear left, up and over the next rise before dropping down again to another watery crossing. Stepping stones can be found here on the right near the wall. After the water bear left and up the slope below the gorse. At the top you will find Wythwaite Farmhouse.

At Wythwaite, go through the wooden gate, sign-posted ‘public way’, through a 7-bar metal gate and then continue along the track past the front of the house.  Continue along the track which takes you towards Ranbeck farm which you will soon see in the distance.

On your left is an area of old cultivation terraces intriguingly named the Hanging Walls of Mark Anthony.   From the vantage point of the track are wonderful open views of the Eden Valley and the Lake District fells, and to your right the dramatic fellside of Kirkland Fell rising to Cross Fell, the highest point on the Pennines

At Ranbeck Farm follow the road, which will join the only road through Kirkland.  Turn left until you reach the road junction with Skirwith signposted to the right.  Take this right turn, crossing Kirkland Beck and you will find St, Lawrence’s Church on your right.

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