Kirkland to Blencarn via Kirk Hill - 1.9km

Walk towards the telephone box, over a small stone bridge, and turn right, signposted Blencarn 1 mile.  Follow this lane as it follows Kirkland Beck on the right.  The lane then bends left and starts to climb.  At the top of this hill, you will see a signpost for a footpath to the left.  Go through the gate into the field, and proceed diagonally across the top of the field.

Once you have gained enough height, you will see Kirk Hill surmounted by a small copse.  Head for this copse.  Go through a small gate to enter the copse proper and follow the track through the copse until you reach a stile into a field.  Follow the fence on the left, until reaching a wooden footbridge which crosses Ranbeck.  Immediately after crossing the beck, turn left over a wooden stile.  Cross this field diagonally to the right and cross the stone footbridge you find in the far corner, which crosses Blencarn Beck. 

Now walk diagonally to the right, aiming for the corner of a fence.  Once at this corner, walk diagonally up the field to a gate.  Go through the gate, and keep the fence on your right as you cross the final field.

 Go through the metal gate at the end of this field, and follow the track to the right, past the front of the Bastle House.  Follow the bend of the track to the left, where it meets the road.  Turn left up the hill through the village, and the Village Hall will be on your left.

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