Kirkland to Blencarn via Kirkland Beck - 3.6km

With the church behind you, turn right towards Skirwith.  After 350m you will pass a bungalow on the right (you’ll probably be barked at, but in my experience the dogs have always been tethered), and then, just before “The Flosh” cottage on your left will be a gap in the wall.  There is a finger post “To Blencarn”, but at the time of writing this was laid down in the grassy verge.

Once through this gap, there is immediately a wooden stile.  Cross this, and then make for another in the stone wall opposite. 

Cross this, and then cross the footbridge over Kirkland Beck, turn right and follow the beck until you come to a stile beside it. 

Over this, keep to the path following the beck, until the path begins to fade, then take to the higher ground on your left.  Continue to follow the route of the beck, but keep to the left of the marshy ground.  You will now come to a wooden stile in a stone wall. 

Cross this, and then walk to a point halfway up the ridge of the small hill on front of you.  Once you have reached this ridge, you will see trees, a fence and the beck in front of you.  Walk to the corner where the fence comes in from the right, and then curves away in front of you.  Now follow the fence, until you come to a faint pathway leading to the left through a marshy area.  At the end of this pathway, you will come to a gate leading to yet another beck. 

Cross the beck via the footbridge, then climb the hill, keeping the fence on your left, which is shortly replaced by a wall.  Keep the wall on your left as it rises and falls over the brow of the hill.  Keep close to the wall as it corners left, and follow the wall through the field until you reach a ladder stile taking you over the wall into a field.

Cross this field diagonally to the left, heading for a stone stile in the opposite wall.

After crossing this stile, you will now cross 8 fields in almost a straight line.

Cross field 1 to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 2 following a line of trees to a wooden stile.

Straight across the larger 3rd field to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 4 to a stone stile.

Straight across field 5 to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 6 to a wooden stile.

Straight across field 7 to a wooden stile.

Cross the end of field 8 to a 7-bar metal gate which gives access to a short lane dropping down to the road.  Beware the slippery stones, especially if the field drain beside the gate is in full spate!  At the road turn right into the village.

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