Walking Between Kirkland and Blencarn

All these walks start at Blencarn Village Hall, but with the exception of the Culgaith Loop, pass through Kirkland, and can therefore equally be started at St. Lawrence’s Church at Kirkland.

Also, many of the walks require you to walk between these two points, and there are a number of routes that can taken.

To address this, four routes between Blencarn and Kirkland have been detailed, and also the same routes in reverse, Kirkland to Blencarn.

So whether you are choosing to start at Kirkland, or when one of the walks requires making your way between the two villages, you are free to choose any of the four suggested routes.

Also, putting two of these walks together can make a good circular walk.

Note that three of these routes are across fields which can be very muddy, unless we are in the depths of a frosty winter, or a drought.

Also, these fields are usually home to farm livestock, so please keep dogs on a lead, and avoid taking dogs into fields where there are cows with their calves.

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