Culgaith Loop

The first part of this walk is to Howrigg Farm.  Route 1 is via Wateriggs Lonning, but the beginning of this is rarely used, and therefore it can be very overgrown, and should only be attempted by the most adventurous and hardy types.

Route 1  -  via Wateriggs Lonning

From the Village Hall proceed uphill and follow the road to the right between barns to the T-junction.  Turn left and walk on the road until you reach Wateriggs Lonning on your right, just opposite the entrance to Rigglands.

Follow the lonning to the lane below Howrigg Farm and turn right.  You will now reach the road,  Turn left, and follow the directions from Howrigg Farm below.

Route 2 – via the road

From the Village Hall proceed downhill, and follow the road as it bends to the left.  At the junction go straight ahead, signposted to Skirwith.  At the junction at the bottom of the hill, take the left fork, signposted to Culgaith

The road climbs a small hill, skirts a small copse on the left as it bends left, then as it bends right, you have reached Howrigg Farm.

From Howrigg Farm

Follow the road up the hill for approximately 200m to a gate and footpath sign to Culgaith on your right.  Follow the path along the edge of this field towards the far wall, turning left to find a stile in the wall about halfway along.  Go through this stile and cross the next two fields diagonally to the corner of Carmoor Wood.

Follow the path diagonally across the next 4 fields to reach the stile on the Culgaith road.

Note the worn stone on this stile – before there was a school in Culgaith, children from the village used this path to get to the small school, run at that time in one room at Howrigg Farm.


Options for return to Blencarn:

1.  Turn left and follow road to the junction, and then left as signposted to Blencarn and either continue on the road into the village or just after Howrigg Farm turn right and reverse the instructions for Wateriggs Lonning.

2.  Turn right and then right again at Cross How crossroads.  Follow the road towards Skirwith.  The road takes you past Crosshow Plantation and across Aigill Syke.  Look for the footpath sign to Kirkland via Broats on your right.  Go through the gate, and follow the edge of the field, keeping the wall on your left.  Go through the gate and continue along the edge of the next two fields to the road.  On the road, turn right and look for the FP sign to Blencarn in the hedge on your left.  Cross 3 fields diagonally to join the FP from Broats towards Blencarn following Blencarn Beck.  Negotiate your way through the collection of sheep pens to the stile beyond.  This path meets the road in Blencarn by the house called Glen Robin. Follow the road to the left, uphill across village green, and the Village Hall will be on your left.

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